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Best of Maldives – Tandem Paragliding in Maldives

Parasailing in Maldives is old-fashioned now, new trend is tandem paragliding in Fulidhoo Maldives! While flying over this beautiful and unique nature, you will be fascinated for sure.

Maldives has always been a tempting destination for many travelers for many years. Charming ring shaped beaches, good food and amazing coral reefs made this destination one of the most famous touristic places. With tandem paragliding, now you will be able to see this great atolls from around 1000 meters from sea level! A true flying experience you can not compare with anything.

We are using a special TOW mechanism that allows us to take-off from the beach directly. Take-off with TOW is much easier than taking-off from the mountains. That way your trip to Maldivian sky starts with 3 steps forward! Our boat with specially trained captains will help us to climb to our perfect altitude for you to enjoy beautiful scenery of all the beauty Maldives offering. Once we climb to our flying altitude, we will let go off the rope that connects us with the boat and start our free flight! We can enjoy the view until the end of the flight or we can do acrobatic maneuvers for some fun! All depends on you!

If you think tandem paragliding in Fulidhoo Maldives is a great adventure for you, you can book it online now!

Parasailing VS Paragliding

Parasailing: You are always connected to the boat, you are kited rather than flying, you can experience mild turns

Paragliding: You are connected to boat until the altitude is reached, your pilot flys the wing and you actually experience free fly, you can experience acrobatic maneuvers since you are not connected to anything.

About Maldives

Maldives is well known touristic destination, home to more than 1000 coral islands. Its turquoise lagoons and ring shaped atolls makes Maldives one of the interesting lands to visit. Don’t forget the inviting white beaches and tropical cocktails.

Tandem Paragliding

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Additional information

ActivityTandem Paragliding
LocationFulidhoo – Maldives
Available DatesDEC – APR
Photo & Video BundleAdd For 30 EUR
IncludedTransfers from Fulidhoo Island To Take-off Area
Height800 – 1000 Meters
Duration15 Minutes
Total Time2 Hours
Service ProviderMaldives Paragliding


  • Passenger weight limitations are maximum 120 KG
  • Passenger age limitations are minimum 7 Years Old
  • Please advise any medical conditions at the time of booking
  • Subject to favorable weather conditions. If cancelled due to poor weather, you will be given the option of an alternative date or full refund


  • Confirmation will be received within 24 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • Upon Purchase, all photos and video taken through the flight will be given to you in SD Card
  • Don’t forget to bring sport shoes or sneakers and sunglasses
  • Jacket & Trousers are advised to bring in cold weather