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What is Tandem Paragliding?

When you hear someone is saying “tandem” you can understand that they do whatever they are doing together. Tandem Paragliding is a paragliding activity where one pilot flies one or more passengers at the same time. When you are flying… continue reading

Is Tandem Flight For You?

If you can run a few steps, sit down and stand up from a chair when you are told you are good to go! You can still see our check list and be sure this adventure fits you or not. You can find the check-list here: Check List For First Time Tandem Paragliding

A Typical Flight

When passenger books a tandem, adventure starts at the meeting point. This point can be anywhere including take-off point. You have take-off and landing briefings from the pilot so you know what to do when you are taking-off and in the landing moment. It is all simple things like running few steps, sit down, stand up and run again few steps. Your pilot… continue reading

How Tandem Paraglide Flies?

Tandem paragliders fly just like the single wings yet tandem wings are designed to carry more wight, have more stability and higher passive safety. You start your flight with some running, preferably with some head wind. This allows… continue reading

FAQ: Tandem Paragliding Flights

You can find detailed FAQ page in this link: Answers To Common Questions For Tandem Paragliding!

Booking Guide

You can read our Booking Guide that can help you to book a flight with our sky adventure experts around the world!