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Tandem Paragliding in Kaş Antalya Turkey

As long as you can make some steps you can fly. The trip for the tandem flight starts from Office with a mini bus.After a 20 minutes road trip with wonderfull views, the bus arrives to the take off point which has a 650 mt hight.Tandem paragliding is designed to carry the pilot and the passenger together.In order to take off, the pilot and passenger run together a couple of steps. You do not jump from the hill, when the wing is filled with wind, it pulls you up in the air and your journey starts. The flight starts from Mount Assas which is on the shoulders of Kaş. It continues along ridge to “ the Sleeping Giant “ and lasts above Kaş. You sit safely and comfortably in the harness, watch the landscape and feel that you fly just like birds.Depending on the weather conditions the flight takes 20-30 minutes. At the end, the flight finishes at Kaş Harbour by a smooth landing. The one and only thing the passenger has to do is to stand up when the pilot says so.

Additional information

ActivityTandem Paragliding
LocationKaş – Turkey
IncludedCertified Tandem Pilot, Professional Team
Height650 Meters
Photo & Video BundleAdd For 20 EUR
Total Time2 Hours
Duration15 – 30 Minutes
Service ProviderFly Lycia Paragliding
Available DatesAll Year Round


  • Passenger weight limitations are 25 KG minimum and 115 KG maximum
  • Passengers should be 7 years old or older.
  • No prior experience needed but passenger expected to be reasonably athletic


  • Launching requires running down a gentle slope, landing requires running a few paces. Passenger will seat comfortably during flight.
  • Wear Sport Shoes & Clothes

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