You watched the videos, you read the articles and your friends talked you about. Non of them has this simple answers you would ever need. Easy to understand answers for your curiosity. Here is what you really need to know about tandem skydiving!

Why Is It Called “Tandem”?

Tandem means together, so when you hear “tandem skydiving” you understand that 2 people are jumping together with the same parachute. One of them is tandem master and one of them is passenger or student skydiver.

Tandem Master?

Tandem Master or Instructor Skydiver is the person who completed many jumps and serious training in order to skydive with a passenger and rewarded with certificate. Becoming a tandem master needs lots of time and experience and it is illegal in many countries to practice tandem skydiving without this certificate.

How Safe Is Tandem Skydiving?

When it is comes to safety, extreme sports has no option as risk free. BUT! Technologies such as safety rings which allows parachute to open in safe altitudes even the skydiver is unconscious or reserve parachute in case of main parachute is not opened as it should makes this sport safer everyday.

General belief is that walking in your front door is more dangerous than skydiving!

Need Any Special Training?

You won’t need any special training or complete a course in order to enjoy a tandem skydive. You will have a safety briefing before your jump so you will learn simple things you need to do. It is easy!

How Long Would It Take?

Generally a tandem jump needs 2 hours to half a day. You will get the safety briefing, you will wait for the plane that comes from the previous jump and loading and climbing back to your jump altitude. All takes time, especially in holiday seasons and popular drop zones.

Weather Hold, What Is That?

Weather Hold happens when the weather is not suitable for skydiving. Thanks to new technologies and satellites weather is predictable and your drop zone will contact you if the weather is not suitable for a jump beforehand. But time to time weather won’t allow you to jump even all weather predictions are suitable. In those times, you may need to wait in the drop zone and hope for weather to get better.

How Much It Would Cost?

Tandem Skydiving would cost you around 150 – 350 EUR depending on the location, you want your pictures to be taken or video recorded by another skydiver.